Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Intimadated by an attorney

That's exactly what is going on and the sad part is our board has no problem spending association money to pay this attorney. I found out that at one time this attorney was the good guy; someone who stood up for the members of a community whose rights were being violated. I'm not sure why he chose to change sides, but instead of him working with the majority of community members, he has chosen to defend the antics of 5 board members.

The first letter I’m posting was sent by him to those residents working on the recall. He should know about SLAPP lawsuits (ss720.304), but sent this letter to intimidate and control those that have every right to speak out against the wrongs the board is doing. As it is right now, we can not speak at meetings!! One can only question why he goes along with all this.

The second letter is one I received this past weekend. Included with his letter are 14 pages of my blog and he DID NOT highlight anything for me to change. I have no intentions of changing anything in the context of my blog and can not help if the truth bothers the board members or this attorney. Yes, I use a few adjectives, but that is MY OPINION of those involved. So unless I give false statements as to one’s character there is no defamatory statements being made.

I should note that I did remove the word ‘official’ from William’s blog info. Also, another example of what is this attorney thinking is, Perry is Linda’s last name. She is NOT married to William whose last name is Moore. Such an obvious mistake it only makes you wonder how much of what he does is being done with confusion and misinformation by board members.

Mr. DeHart is a smart attorney. So one only questions why. Is he ‘buddies’ with a board member? Does he still have ties to LeLand Management? Is it just the money that our board freely hands out? Please note, I am not accusing him of any misconduct, just wondering why he is not the same attorney who fought for homeowners rights with HOAs.

We keeping hearing how we are the land of the free, we hear how our men and women are fighting for our freedom, we have laws protecting our freedom....DeHart uses some pretty heavy words to intimade and harrass me; has something changed in our constitution that I'm not aware of?  If you click on the letters, it will enlarge it for you to read

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Could this be defamatory?

This is a letter our President JJ Carpenter, mailed to all the residents of Poinciana Village 9 (using our association funds) to call those recalling the board 'Garbage Trucks'. Amazing how some people can say what they want while others are 'repremanded'. I don't like being called a garage truck, nor do I consider myself a garbage truck. However, I did consider the source and ignored it.

Also note, we never did get a newsletter from the board and here it is November.
Please ask the board what 'progress' they are referring too

Dear Neighbors, From JJ Carpenter, your board President. April - 2009

""We are moving forward. Please do not let the propaganda that fills our streets and doorways bother youj The newsletter is filled with lies,and falsehoods designed to tarnish the progress being made, and persuade readers to sign a petition to remove the board. This is yet another issue taking away valuable time from the Board. The fact is, the editors of the Newsletter no longer have the ability to force their persdnal agendas and preferences onto people through the positions they once held in this community, and they are bitter. Once again I am being falsely attacked by the same few1 people. I have learned not to take things personally. ^

You see, some people remind me of a story I once heard about
Garbage Trucks:
, The story goes like this; Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of life's disappointments. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it. And if you read the newsletter, you will see a lot of garbage dumped there, and then they take their garbage trucks and run people over. What I've learned to do when this happens is I just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. You see, if I did not let these Garbage Trucks run right over me, I might take their garbage and spread it to my family, my friends, people at work, and even into my responsibilities as President of our community.

Like in the movie "The Sixth Sense," the little boy said, "1 see Dead People." Well, "I see Garbage Trucks." I see the load they're carrying. I see them coming to drop it off and run me over. But I have a Greater power within me that gives me the grace needed to endure these attacks, so I just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on.
I encourage you to come out and enjoy your clubhouse and your community. The intimidating factors of this community are losing their grip, and fairness and equality is being restored for ALL.
Our Community is doing well. You will soon be receiving a newsletter from the board highlighting our progress and challenges, but rest assured your board is working together. Thank you to those who continually encourage us to carry on. For those of you who pray daily, please include our community in your prayers, I know I do, everyday. God Bless you and our Community.
JJ Carpenter
President, Broadmoor of Directors

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Same old Same old......

Yep, that's about it around here. I haven't written in a while since nothing exciting has been happening. Of course, the board is still up to their old tricks. Just the other day they had a meeting to discuss transferring money from the reserve to the main account. JJ had the nerve to say it was to pay the attorney for fees incurred because Linda Perry 'won' her lawsuit. Now, this is such a bold face lie and yet this 'Christian' says it with a straight face. The truth is, she stopped the lawsuit; no winners-no losers. What the board is doing is taking money from the homeowners, telling them lies knowing not everyone knows what is going on. Linda will set the record straight in the next newsletter, but this is just another example of how this board is taking money under false pretenses which to me is nothing more than fraud. All the while JJ is mouthing off his lies, Dick Stone (incompetent board member) is pointing his finger at Linda as if he were a total retard. Maybe he was drunk because those actions are certainly not those of a man who would know how to conduct himself at a board meeting.

I couldn't make it to this meeting, but Linda has it on tape. These idiots don't know how close they are to getting themselves into real trouble with the law.

Can you imagine these board members appointed themselves as the election committee??!! They think because they aren't running for the board, they can elect themselves. I don't trust anything they do so I'm certainly not going to trust them counting votes behind closed door without someone overseeing what they are doing. Though Judy White is no longer with LeLand Management, there is still the issue of Richard Murphy, from LeLand Management being involved. Another waste of a CAM.
I wouldn’t put it pass him to turn a blind eye like Judy at the last election.

As soon as I get more info, I will post it.

Most of you have heard the phrase about someone having their head up someone's ass and for whatever reason that quote came to mind with JJ and Mark. I kept thinking though, it needed a good finish. Then it hit me...

"JJ has his head so far up Mark's ass that when Mark looks in the mirror he sees JJ's face''...So, there you have it

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a twerp

Definition according to Answers.Com: twerp-A person regarded as insignificant and contemptible

That seems to fit our Mr. JJ Carpenter to a tee. Now, you are wondering what brought on this latest word recognition; please read the following.

I have permission from Linda Perry to print an email she sent to JJ and the response she received. After you read these emails, I will then share my commentary.

JJ Carpenter, Dick Stone & Mark Taliento:
It is of great concern to us that we are unable to get the much needed kitchen supplies that we have asked for over the last few months. Two calls were made by me, Linda Perry, to JJ Carpenter (Friday 10/2 & Monday 10/5) telling him what was needed in the kitchen. No response came from him. A phone call was made to Dick Stone on Monday afternoon asking for the same items. Dick complied. But what he brought to the kitchen, in my opinion, was totally unacceptable being insufficient and unsanitary! It appears that the materials came from an unknown source/event and not in sanitary packaging, (a bag of plastic forks in a used plastic bag (unsanitary), plastic desert plates (about 40, with a TYSON logo on the bottom of the plates) insufficient amount. There are a number of us perfectly willing to shop for supplies (dish detergent, paper towels, desert plates, cups, coffee, creamer, condiments, etc) which would take the burden off those of you board members who work and don't have the time to do these things. Receipts would be provided for reimbursement for the person or persons doing the shopping. In the past, there was never a problem with the supplies in our kitchen, why is there a problem now??? If thousands of dollars can be spent on other items for the clubhouse, why not these items which are important items? I hope to get some sort of response from one or all of you.

Linda Perry
Member in Good Standing
Poinciana Village Nine Association, Inc.

This message would have been provided to all board members if their Email address had been available to us homeowners.

JJ's response
Yes you called me Friday, then Monday. That was only a weekend. I contacted Dick Monday and he took the needed supplies. Sorry if they don't meet your standards, but does anything we do meet your standards? You look for bad in everything we do, so frankly, coming from you I only expect the worst.
This board represents and looks out for the 279 people that pay the bills around here. We only get complaints from about 6 of them. I'd say we are doing a pretty good job despite the lies and constant duress "some people" try to keep us under.

I heard there was a time when the kitchen was supplied totally on donations from residents. The residents that used the supplies gladly helped supply them. Perhaps what was old should be new again :)

Dick and Vickie did a great job for years keeping the clubhouse stocked and efficient. I'll pass your requests on to them and I'm confident things will be acceptable, but likely insufficient in your eyes.

p.s. Please do not purchase anything unless you plan to donate it.


phone: 407-301-0925
email: jj@dieseloutreach.org

Such arrogance and from a president of the HOA. Monday night is bingo night at the clubhouse. This is open to all residents in the community and something that should be in the budget for activities. How pathetic is it when you have to beg for supplies to keep a community function running? I saw the bag of forks and I would not use a single one since I don’t know where they have been. Linda has every right to question the cleanliness of these since as far as we know, they could have been lying in filth in Dick Stone’s house. As for the 4 inch paper plates, I’m not sure where they were stolen from since obviously they were used by Tyson as a promotion for their product; maybe, a local taste test at some flea market stand. The question is who knows. When asking for supplies, one would only assume it would be new, clean and unused.

JJ’s attitude in his response only proves what an idiot he is. I wonder what his Christian congregation would think if they saw the REAL JJ in action. As far as him not getting complaints it's because not too many people want to bother with him. You don’t get over 100 signatures to out him as President from people that don’t care who is sitting in his position. Wake up JJ, people just don’t like you and your response to Linda is proof why.

Poor JJ can’t stay focused with his own ignorant thoughts. First he mentions about the supplies being donated (I’ve lived in Broadmoor 19 years and don’t remember that ever happening), but then he goes on to say what a great job Dick and Vickie did keeping the kitchen stocked and efficient. Now, if that were the case, why then when members are asking for supplies it is now being done in such a manner that one can only consider it less than acceptable? Could it be that the board (Dick is on the board) is purposely not giving Linda what she is requesting? Are they playing a game with her thinking she will get discouraged and back away? JJ, who is the one with lies and duress ‘keeping us under’?

Contrary to what JJ believes in that pea brain of his, Linda is not looking for fault, the board is just giving her less than expected. How they have been treating Linda is the same for any community member who questions, disagrees or has concerns with the board members.

JJ lives in a fantasy world. A world where he and the board members actually believe they care for the members of the community.

Hide your head in shame, JJ. You are not smart enough or intelligent enough to hold the position of President. Be a real man just once and accept the fact you are a loser. And next time you ask your God for guidance, listen to him and not the voices in your head. Those voices are getting you in trouble.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too funny....

to not post this....

I deal with facts...I don't think it
Too bad some people 'think' their own facts

Friday, September 18, 2009

No scruples!!!

The recall petition continues and those of us on the recall committee have been honest and upfront with this quest, I can't say the same for our board members and attorney. Nothing like manipulating the facts to make a point...the cheaters way of doing things; hardly Christian like to me.

After reviewing the papers that Mr DeHart sent to Department of Business and Professional Regulations, I must say whatever DeHart wants, he gets..Sadly, it's done with the seal and zest of someone determined to get his way regardless of how much manipulating it takes.

Ms Shirley J. Whitsitt, Arbitrator, requested more info from the Petitioner (Poinciana Village Nine) because Mr. DeHart was unable to do his job correctly the first time. What he sent was vague, incomplete and only makes it questionable as to why since he is suppose to be the legal expert. Guess the added fees our association has to pay doesn't bother our incompetent board members. Then again, he may have been hoping that Ms Whitsitt wouldn't do her job competently and not ask for added information to clarify what DeHart had sent her.

Ms Whitsitt wanted to know who 'Mark' was. Yep, one of those 'let's skim over who he is' by the attorney. Well, now she wants to know and do you think DeHart could be honest with his answer? No. He referred to Mark Taliento 'is the representative of Showcase Mobile Homes Sales, Inc.' Gee, funny how one can interpreter that. Actually, Mark is the OWNER. Hmmm..wonder why DeHart had to use so many words and not use the ONE that would describe who Mark is.

Another interesting tid-bid of misinformation is who Mark purchased the lots from. According to DeHart, Mark bought these 101 lots from 'THE ORIGINAL OWNER'...wrong!!!..The original owner was Avatar. They are the ones who plated out phase 1 and phase 2. Mark purchased his lots from Schoolfield who bought from Avatar. Why was it necessary to lie about that?

When Mr DeHart makes reference to Poinciana Village Nine Documents, it talks about voting interest and to him that means those lots that Mark owns. Therefore, we did not have enough signatures. What Mr DeHart is hoping is that us common folks or Ms Whitsitt is not familiar with State Statute 720.307 (1) (b) in regards to transition from developer (Avatar) to members:

720.307 Transition of association control in a community.--With respect to homeowners' associations:

(1) Members other than the developer are entitled to elect at least a majority of the members of the board of directors of the homeowners' association when the earlier of the following events occurs:

(a) Three months after 90 percent of the parcels in all phases of the community that will ultimately be operated by the homeowners' association have been conveyed to members; or
(b) Such other percentage of the parcels has been conveyed to members, or such other date or event has occurred, as is set forth in the governing documents in order to comply with the requirements of any governmentally chartered entity with regard to the mortgage financing of parcels.

For purposes of this section, the term "members other than the developer" shall not include builders, contractors, or others who purchase a parcel for the purpose of constructing improvements thereon for resale.

We have gone through the transition with Avatar and Mark is not THE developer. DeHart is twisting what's in our documents (voting interests) while excluding state statute. Pretty devious if you ask me.

Stay tuned..more to follow....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thought For The Day

"he who doth defend himself, accuses himself"

think about it....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Email from JJ Carpenter

FYI, you may want to contact residents on McDaniel and Downing as well about my "drive bys"
I usually take different roads on different days on my way to and from work (and at lunch breaks). As a board member I actually try and keep an eye on the community, one way is driving down different roads.. Sorry if being a concerned board member causes you paranoia. I hope the next board decides to tour their community from time to time as well.
Now that you know why Einwood is on my route, let's see if you post "the truth" on your blog.

Ok, sounds to me like someone is trying to make excuses again. I don't know about you, but I'll be damn if I'm going to spend my lunch time (away from my job) to ride around the neighborhood. And besides, if it were just a 'drive-by', why the curiosity about what was going on at Linda's house? This from someone who is NOT a social friend showing concern for Linda's well being.

May I suggest, JJ, that one of your 'drive-bys' is a stop at the community clubhouse to see the damage that is being done. If you did THAT on a daily basis, you would know from the electronic key entry who was there at that particular time and just maybe, do something about the damage.

As for the 'next' board member doing a drive by, believe me, it will not be to harass the residents, nor will it be just because a board member thinks they are that special they can do what they want when they want. I for one drive around the neighborhood to see if everything is ok, but it saddens me to drive around JJ's neighborhood and see the mess because Mark Taliento chose NOT to follow the original design of Broadmoor.

So, you want truths, JJ..that is all I print.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Pathetic

What can you say about an HOA President who takes time to leave his job so he can ride past a community member's house? That's just what happened yesterday. JJ Carpenter must have skipped out of work from Home Depot (maybe it was his lunch time), to ride past Linda Perry's house to see if he can tell why there were so many cars parked there. As we all sat around her dining room table, we could see JJ ride by in his van and we certainly had a good laugh. Then, he must have made a U-turn, because there he was again riding right by trying to figure out what was going on. I wonder who called him to give him the heads up that there was a 'gathering' at Linda's house? We knew he would try to find out what the gathering was all about, but personally, I find it totally unacceptable that one can not have a gathering at her own home without someone (like JJ) spying and invading one's privacy. As we suspected, he had seen one of the husbands (whose wife was at Linda's house) walking through Home Depot and approached him wanting to know what was going on!...Do you believe the nerve of that guy? No scruples, no decency, so unChristian (yeah, remember he has his 'ministry'. The answer the husband gave as instructed, was 'it was a birthday party'. So, JJ if you are reading this, whenever you see a 'gathering' it will be a 'birthday party'. When you get the knock on the door from channel 6, you can tell them all you know is that there was a 'birthday party'.

How worried must someone be to get so invasive into one's privacy? At what point does JJ realize what he is doing is borderline harassment and stalking and may be cause for serious concern? His behavior certainly raises eyebrows and maybe this should be brought to the attention of the Sheriff's office. We are suppose to report to the Sheriff's office if we are concerned with people driving around the neighborhood acting like they are up to no good. Well, that fits what JJ did so I guess the Sheriff should be called.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

February Minutes-Keys

JJ Carpenter has decided to take it upon himself to confuse everyone with the February minutes by saying 'well, it's not clear, but we meant only one key'. Sorry JJ, but it must really suck when you are proven wrong and all the lying and double talking will not get you out of it.

What I have posted is a screen shot from my computer after visiting JJ's 'official' Broadmoor site. If you look at the address bar, you will see his address along with the date. He can not talk his way out of this one by saying someone deliberately changed the minutes. Here is your proof that President JJ was once again caught up in his own confusion of the facts.

Please note that in reference to keys it states that Mark Taliento made a motion to limit the key cards to 2 per household any replacement would cost $25.00. Dick Stone second and all agreed.

So what is it the JJ doesn't understand? Why did he collect $25.00 from one resident for a 2nd key? Why is there no answer when asked where did the collected money go?

How can anyone who is that ignorant and hostile be president of an HOA? For someone who says he cares for our community, he sure isn't working for the members who live here.

I hardly think saying 'sue me' when asked about the 2nd key is appropriate or mature. Sadly, we have a confused child, in a man's body, who can not conduct himself to the standards that one expects from an HOA President.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HOA meeting August 4, 2009

An HOA meeting was posted by Linda Perry for Tuesday night at 7:00. The last meeting was held in 2008 and she thought it was time to get together as a community and see what the members had to say; something our current board frowns upon. Signs were posted in several locations around the community so our members would know of this meeting, but JJ Carpenter took it upon himself to remove those signs. His excuse was 'they were on county property and the attorney told me I can remove them'. Now, I have a hard time believing the attorney would tell him to remove the signs, but to further prove how he lied, he also said the association attorney called our attorney who is assisting us with the recall. Well, he never did, but JJ Capenter thought it would sound intimidating enough to throw it out there.

So, here we are at the meeting and things were going pretty good until one old man started yelling and pointing fingers how Linda Perry is a troublemaker because of the newsletters that are sent out each month. Actually, there are facts in the newsletters and those facts can be confirmed. That is something that was stressed in the newsletters. Reference is made to fl ss 720 when info is given with a direct link to the chapter being discussed.

I must say, we apparently hit a chord with one lady member when she made reference to 'why aren't you sharing this with JJ'. Well, I tried to explain to her that we have. All he had to do was read the newsletter, which I'm sure he as been doing. JJ made a comment about reading my blog and even my blog gives information that is referenced to ss 720. So, according to JJ, he wants me to send him my copies of state documents so he could give them to the attorney for review. Is he serious? The attorney should know of the state documents and though JJ kept saying I won't 'share' my info with him, well, once again he was caught in a lie. Just reading my blog should have given him the heads up, not to mention those emails I sent him making reference to 720. When I explained to him about going online and doing a search, his excuse was 'I work and I have my ministry'. Ok, so then why are you on the board if you can not make the commitment? He commented how this was a volunteer position. So does that mean you don't need to make a commitment? For someone who doesn't have time to know what he is doing, he sure has time to ride around and take down signs like a child being mean..just because.

The association attorney is Paul DeHart. It just amazes me how an association attorney who should be representing the majority is representing 5 board members. Once again, that only brings question as to why.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sneaky Board at it again

It's a given what lying cheats and sneaky people can get away with. Broadmoor Board has once again used their unscrupulous ways to disregard state statutes and gets away with it. Let's call Mark Taliento the ring leader of the low life group. He gets his attorney friend to play games and at the same time bill the very people who are trying to get this board recalled. Yeah, says a lot for this attorney. As soon as I get his name, trust me, I will post it. Also a letter to the bar association may be in order. Problem is, not too many people want to look deep at what is going on. Honestly, you don't have to look deep, just under the surface because these low life attorneys just cover themselves enough to pass for human being.

I will be adding to this post as soon as I have time to get more involved with the nonsense that has been going on these last few days.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Showcase sold a home....

However, it's not clear if the owners who lived in the house just bought a new home for their lot or Mark Taliento is renting the lot with a new purchased home on it. You see, we are NOT a mobile home park, yet our board is trying to make us one by constantly disregarding the original Broadmoor documents. When Avatar started developing this community, he would lease to purchase the land when an interested party wanted to move here but could only afford the new home. Once the lease was paid, it was stipulated by Avatar that the property must become 'real' property. Sounds to me like Avatar wanted to make sure this was not to become some trailer park community, but one where both the house and land were owned by the same person. According to County regulations, you can have within a community, two different owners. But, since our documents state otherwise by Avatar, that would supersede that of the county in this situation. Our idiot board members don't see it that way. Is it any wonder why we question what they are doing especially in light of the fact that Mark got himself on the board to take care of his personal needs. Until the board and Mark can prove they are not contradicting the documents, what else can we believe but that they are taking care of their personal business.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's been too quiet.....

I wonder what our unofficial board members are up to now. I say unofficial because the voting last January was a joke. Judy White, with Leland Management, sat at the sign-in table like the queen of nothing, telling some people they could not vote. One elderly member was told she couldn't vote because her dues were late. Judy, as stupid as she is, was working off of a sheet that she printed and was not updated. This member tried to explain that her dues are current, but Judy would not hear of it. I had copied state statute 720.305 3) If the governing documents so provide, an association may suspend the voting rights of a member for the nonpayment of regular annual assessments that are delinquent in excess of 90 days. and showed this to Judy. She refused to acknowledge state statute and assuming for a moment this member was late, she was not past 90 days late. The board gave Judy the authority to hire an off duty deputy to 'control' any outbursts during the election. She looked even more like an idiot telling the deputy to remove me from the community club house. I don't think so and the deputy knew he couldn't. The only way he would have been able to do anything would be if I bitch slapped that poor excuse of a community manager. I was angry, but not crazy. So besides not allowing homeowners in good standing to vote, she allowed Mark Taliento to vote 101 votes for each of those candidates he wanted on the board. Or as they are more commonly known "the Mark Taliento Puppets". Judy's excuse is that she is only doing what the board wants. Well, if we are paying some ridiculous amount of money she should know state statute 720.

Several years back, transition was made from the developer, Avatar Properties, to Poinciana Village Nine Association, Inc. With that in mind, you will understand why Mark Taliento is not privilege to vote 101 votes to control our association. He is a dealer, seller, builder, salesman or whatever he wants to call himself, but he is NOT THE DEVELOPER, AVATAR. By Judy allowing him to vote all those votes, he is now in control. (in another post, I'll tell you why this is important to him)

Please read state statute 720.307 as copied/pasted from FLSENATE.org

Transition of association control in a community.--With respect to homeowners' associations:

(1) Members other than the developer are entitled to elect at least a majority of the members of the board of directors of the homeowners' association when the earlier of the following events occurs:

(a) Three months after 90 percent of the parcels in all phases of the community that will ultimately be operated by the homeowners' association have been conveyed to members; or

(b) Such other percentage of the parcels has been conveyed to members, or such other date or event has occurred, as is set forth in the governing documents in order to comply with the requirements of any governmentally chartered entity with regard to the mortgage financing of parcels.

For purposes of this section, the term "members other than the developer" shall not include builders, contractors, or others who purchase a parcel for the purpose of constructing improvements thereon for resale.

Yep, that last paragraph says it all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yes, my name is Rosemary Zuba and everything I type here is done by me. Those lying, cheating and cut throat attorneys can not stop me from saying what I want on my blog. I wonder what they think when they look in the mirror. Are they happy with the way they have manipulated the system? Do they get off thinking they 'won one over' on somebody? Do they lie with a straight face to their son or daughter on the principals of being fair and honest? More will follow on my blog, but all I can say for now is....it's not over yet...

It was recently brought to my attention that our president, JJ Carpenter, doesn't even know the name of our homeowner association. Guess I should have noticed it on his la la land web page, but I didn't. He refers to us as Broadmoor Homeowner Association. We are registered with the state as Poinciana Village Nine, Association. Inc. Yep, it's that pathetic....

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a joke....

How pathetically sad when a president of a community doesn't even know what kind of community it is that he is living in. Village 9 is unlike any of the other Villages in Poinciana. Though Avatar was the developer, he choose to make Broadmoor a manufactured home, deed redistricted, 'real property' community. Apparently, according to our ignorant President JJ Carpenter, he expresses that we were developed as a **TRAILER park. Yep, that is how he referred to us in his minutes of Feburary 5, 2009. Mobile Home Parks (trailer parks) are areas that are land owned by one interested party and the house is owned by the owner. Now, you wonder why JJ would want to confuse our documents until you realize that he, and the board members, are allowing Tree Top Homes from doing exactly what Avatar did not want and that is making Broadmoor a trailer park. So, once again you question 'what's in it for Mark Taliento (who is on our board of directors, VP no less) and his business, Showcase Homes...which just happens to be 'manufactured homes'.

JJ Carpenter has his Broadmoor online site full of untruths and fairy tale la la land writing. I have an online site with truth and accurate information that I can prove.

It's just a matter of time before his (along with the board) house of manipulation of Broadmoor documents come tumbling down.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Broadmoor Post

Here it is, my very first Broadmoor post. Where do I begin..

At the present time, there is a petition being circulated by Linda Perry for a board recall. That means we want our present board members out of office. They have failed in their responsibility and have done an injustice to those living in this community. Cheating and lying are on the top of their list of habits. Hiring an incompetent manager, Judy White with Leland Management, would only make one question as to why. Could it be a business relationship between Judy and Mark Taliento? Mark owns plated lots in Broadmoor and has cheated his way to be on the board with the help of Judy White. She has refused paying members their right to vote, yet allowed Mark to vote 101 (one vote for each of his lots) giving him control of Broadmoor. Something State Statue 720 said is not allowed. Yep, not only cheating his way in, but disregarding what has been set by state legislators.

I hope you follow this 'soap' opera of a situation. Just like a good story line, it will surely take on twists and turns.