Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HOA meeting August 4, 2009

An HOA meeting was posted by Linda Perry for Tuesday night at 7:00. The last meeting was held in 2008 and she thought it was time to get together as a community and see what the members had to say; something our current board frowns upon. Signs were posted in several locations around the community so our members would know of this meeting, but JJ Carpenter took it upon himself to remove those signs. His excuse was 'they were on county property and the attorney told me I can remove them'. Now, I have a hard time believing the attorney would tell him to remove the signs, but to further prove how he lied, he also said the association attorney called our attorney who is assisting us with the recall. Well, he never did, but JJ Capenter thought it would sound intimidating enough to throw it out there.

So, here we are at the meeting and things were going pretty good until one old man started yelling and pointing fingers how Linda Perry is a troublemaker because of the newsletters that are sent out each month. Actually, there are facts in the newsletters and those facts can be confirmed. That is something that was stressed in the newsletters. Reference is made to fl ss 720 when info is given with a direct link to the chapter being discussed.

I must say, we apparently hit a chord with one lady member when she made reference to 'why aren't you sharing this with JJ'. Well, I tried to explain to her that we have. All he had to do was read the newsletter, which I'm sure he as been doing. JJ made a comment about reading my blog and even my blog gives information that is referenced to ss 720. So, according to JJ, he wants me to send him my copies of state documents so he could give them to the attorney for review. Is he serious? The attorney should know of the state documents and though JJ kept saying I won't 'share' my info with him, well, once again he was caught in a lie. Just reading my blog should have given him the heads up, not to mention those emails I sent him making reference to 720. When I explained to him about going online and doing a search, his excuse was 'I work and I have my ministry'. Ok, so then why are you on the board if you can not make the commitment? He commented how this was a volunteer position. So does that mean you don't need to make a commitment? For someone who doesn't have time to know what he is doing, he sure has time to ride around and take down signs like a child being mean..just because.

The association attorney is Paul DeHart. It just amazes me how an association attorney who should be representing the majority is representing 5 board members. Once again, that only brings question as to why.

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