Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Intimadated by an attorney

That's exactly what is going on and the sad part is our board has no problem spending association money to pay this attorney. I found out that at one time this attorney was the good guy; someone who stood up for the members of a community whose rights were being violated. I'm not sure why he chose to change sides, but instead of him working with the majority of community members, he has chosen to defend the antics of 5 board members.

The first letter I’m posting was sent by him to those residents working on the recall. He should know about SLAPP lawsuits (ss720.304), but sent this letter to intimidate and control those that have every right to speak out against the wrongs the board is doing. As it is right now, we can not speak at meetings!! One can only question why he goes along with all this.

The second letter is one I received this past weekend. Included with his letter are 14 pages of my blog and he DID NOT highlight anything for me to change. I have no intentions of changing anything in the context of my blog and can not help if the truth bothers the board members or this attorney. Yes, I use a few adjectives, but that is MY OPINION of those involved. So unless I give false statements as to one’s character there is no defamatory statements being made.

I should note that I did remove the word ‘official’ from William’s blog info. Also, another example of what is this attorney thinking is, Perry is Linda’s last name. She is NOT married to William whose last name is Moore. Such an obvious mistake it only makes you wonder how much of what he does is being done with confusion and misinformation by board members.

Mr. DeHart is a smart attorney. So one only questions why. Is he ‘buddies’ with a board member? Does he still have ties to LeLand Management? Is it just the money that our board freely hands out? Please note, I am not accusing him of any misconduct, just wondering why he is not the same attorney who fought for homeowners rights with HOAs.

We keeping hearing how we are the land of the free, we hear how our men and women are fighting for our freedom, we have laws protecting our freedom....DeHart uses some pretty heavy words to intimade and harrass me; has something changed in our constitution that I'm not aware of?  If you click on the letters, it will enlarge it for you to read

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Could this be defamatory?

This is a letter our President JJ Carpenter, mailed to all the residents of Poinciana Village 9 (using our association funds) to call those recalling the board 'Garbage Trucks'. Amazing how some people can say what they want while others are 'repremanded'. I don't like being called a garage truck, nor do I consider myself a garbage truck. However, I did consider the source and ignored it.

Also note, we never did get a newsletter from the board and here it is November.
Please ask the board what 'progress' they are referring too

Dear Neighbors, From JJ Carpenter, your board President. April - 2009

""We are moving forward. Please do not let the propaganda that fills our streets and doorways bother youj The newsletter is filled with lies,and falsehoods designed to tarnish the progress being made, and persuade readers to sign a petition to remove the board. This is yet another issue taking away valuable time from the Board. The fact is, the editors of the Newsletter no longer have the ability to force their persdnal agendas and preferences onto people through the positions they once held in this community, and they are bitter. Once again I am being falsely attacked by the same few1 people. I have learned not to take things personally. ^

You see, some people remind me of a story I once heard about
Garbage Trucks:
, The story goes like this; Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of life's disappointments. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it. And if you read the newsletter, you will see a lot of garbage dumped there, and then they take their garbage trucks and run people over. What I've learned to do when this happens is I just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. You see, if I did not let these Garbage Trucks run right over me, I might take their garbage and spread it to my family, my friends, people at work, and even into my responsibilities as President of our community.

Like in the movie "The Sixth Sense," the little boy said, "1 see Dead People." Well, "I see Garbage Trucks." I see the load they're carrying. I see them coming to drop it off and run me over. But I have a Greater power within me that gives me the grace needed to endure these attacks, so I just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on.
I encourage you to come out and enjoy your clubhouse and your community. The intimidating factors of this community are losing their grip, and fairness and equality is being restored for ALL.
Our Community is doing well. You will soon be receiving a newsletter from the board highlighting our progress and challenges, but rest assured your board is working together. Thank you to those who continually encourage us to carry on. For those of you who pray daily, please include our community in your prayers, I know I do, everyday. God Bless you and our Community.
JJ Carpenter
President, Broadmoor of Directors

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Same old Same old......

Yep, that's about it around here. I haven't written in a while since nothing exciting has been happening. Of course, the board is still up to their old tricks. Just the other day they had a meeting to discuss transferring money from the reserve to the main account. JJ had the nerve to say it was to pay the attorney for fees incurred because Linda Perry 'won' her lawsuit. Now, this is such a bold face lie and yet this 'Christian' says it with a straight face. The truth is, she stopped the lawsuit; no winners-no losers. What the board is doing is taking money from the homeowners, telling them lies knowing not everyone knows what is going on. Linda will set the record straight in the next newsletter, but this is just another example of how this board is taking money under false pretenses which to me is nothing more than fraud. All the while JJ is mouthing off his lies, Dick Stone (incompetent board member) is pointing his finger at Linda as if he were a total retard. Maybe he was drunk because those actions are certainly not those of a man who would know how to conduct himself at a board meeting.

I couldn't make it to this meeting, but Linda has it on tape. These idiots don't know how close they are to getting themselves into real trouble with the law.

Can you imagine these board members appointed themselves as the election committee??!! They think because they aren't running for the board, they can elect themselves. I don't trust anything they do so I'm certainly not going to trust them counting votes behind closed door without someone overseeing what they are doing. Though Judy White is no longer with LeLand Management, there is still the issue of Richard Murphy, from LeLand Management being involved. Another waste of a CAM.
I wouldn’t put it pass him to turn a blind eye like Judy at the last election.

As soon as I get more info, I will post it.

Most of you have heard the phrase about someone having their head up someone's ass and for whatever reason that quote came to mind with JJ and Mark. I kept thinking though, it needed a good finish. Then it hit me...

"JJ has his head so far up Mark's ass that when Mark looks in the mirror he sees JJ's face''...So, there you have it