Friday, June 12, 2009

Showcase sold a home....

However, it's not clear if the owners who lived in the house just bought a new home for their lot or Mark Taliento is renting the lot with a new purchased home on it. You see, we are NOT a mobile home park, yet our board is trying to make us one by constantly disregarding the original Broadmoor documents. When Avatar started developing this community, he would lease to purchase the land when an interested party wanted to move here but could only afford the new home. Once the lease was paid, it was stipulated by Avatar that the property must become 'real' property. Sounds to me like Avatar wanted to make sure this was not to become some trailer park community, but one where both the house and land were owned by the same person. According to County regulations, you can have within a community, two different owners. But, since our documents state otherwise by Avatar, that would supersede that of the county in this situation. Our idiot board members don't see it that way. Is it any wonder why we question what they are doing especially in light of the fact that Mark got himself on the board to take care of his personal needs. Until the board and Mark can prove they are not contradicting the documents, what else can we believe but that they are taking care of their personal business.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's been too quiet.....

I wonder what our unofficial board members are up to now. I say unofficial because the voting last January was a joke. Judy White, with Leland Management, sat at the sign-in table like the queen of nothing, telling some people they could not vote. One elderly member was told she couldn't vote because her dues were late. Judy, as stupid as she is, was working off of a sheet that she printed and was not updated. This member tried to explain that her dues are current, but Judy would not hear of it. I had copied state statute 720.305 3) If the governing documents so provide, an association may suspend the voting rights of a member for the nonpayment of regular annual assessments that are delinquent in excess of 90 days. and showed this to Judy. She refused to acknowledge state statute and assuming for a moment this member was late, she was not past 90 days late. The board gave Judy the authority to hire an off duty deputy to 'control' any outbursts during the election. She looked even more like an idiot telling the deputy to remove me from the community club house. I don't think so and the deputy knew he couldn't. The only way he would have been able to do anything would be if I bitch slapped that poor excuse of a community manager. I was angry, but not crazy. So besides not allowing homeowners in good standing to vote, she allowed Mark Taliento to vote 101 votes for each of those candidates he wanted on the board. Or as they are more commonly known "the Mark Taliento Puppets". Judy's excuse is that she is only doing what the board wants. Well, if we are paying some ridiculous amount of money she should know state statute 720.

Several years back, transition was made from the developer, Avatar Properties, to Poinciana Village Nine Association, Inc. With that in mind, you will understand why Mark Taliento is not privilege to vote 101 votes to control our association. He is a dealer, seller, builder, salesman or whatever he wants to call himself, but he is NOT THE DEVELOPER, AVATAR. By Judy allowing him to vote all those votes, he is now in control. (in another post, I'll tell you why this is important to him)

Please read state statute 720.307 as copied/pasted from

Transition of association control in a community.--With respect to homeowners' associations:

(1) Members other than the developer are entitled to elect at least a majority of the members of the board of directors of the homeowners' association when the earlier of the following events occurs:

(a) Three months after 90 percent of the parcels in all phases of the community that will ultimately be operated by the homeowners' association have been conveyed to members; or

(b) Such other percentage of the parcels has been conveyed to members, or such other date or event has occurred, as is set forth in the governing documents in order to comply with the requirements of any governmentally chartered entity with regard to the mortgage financing of parcels.

For purposes of this section, the term "members other than the developer" shall not include builders, contractors, or others who purchase a parcel for the purpose of constructing improvements thereon for resale.

Yep, that last paragraph says it all.