Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Intimadated by an attorney

That's exactly what is going on and the sad part is our board has no problem spending association money to pay this attorney. I found out that at one time this attorney was the good guy; someone who stood up for the members of a community whose rights were being violated. I'm not sure why he chose to change sides, but instead of him working with the majority of community members, he has chosen to defend the antics of 5 board members.

The first letter I’m posting was sent by him to those residents working on the recall. He should know about SLAPP lawsuits (ss720.304), but sent this letter to intimidate and control those that have every right to speak out against the wrongs the board is doing. As it is right now, we can not speak at meetings!! One can only question why he goes along with all this.

The second letter is one I received this past weekend. Included with his letter are 14 pages of my blog and he DID NOT highlight anything for me to change. I have no intentions of changing anything in the context of my blog and can not help if the truth bothers the board members or this attorney. Yes, I use a few adjectives, but that is MY OPINION of those involved. So unless I give false statements as to one’s character there is no defamatory statements being made.

I should note that I did remove the word ‘official’ from William’s blog info. Also, another example of what is this attorney thinking is, Perry is Linda’s last name. She is NOT married to William whose last name is Moore. Such an obvious mistake it only makes you wonder how much of what he does is being done with confusion and misinformation by board members.

Mr. DeHart is a smart attorney. So one only questions why. Is he ‘buddies’ with a board member? Does he still have ties to LeLand Management? Is it just the money that our board freely hands out? Please note, I am not accusing him of any misconduct, just wondering why he is not the same attorney who fought for homeowners rights with HOAs.

We keeping hearing how we are the land of the free, we hear how our men and women are fighting for our freedom, we have laws protecting our freedom....DeHart uses some pretty heavy words to intimade and harrass me; has something changed in our constitution that I'm not aware of?  If you click on the letters, it will enlarge it for you to read

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