Saturday, August 15, 2009

Email from JJ Carpenter

FYI, you may want to contact residents on McDaniel and Downing as well about my "drive bys"
I usually take different roads on different days on my way to and from work (and at lunch breaks). As a board member I actually try and keep an eye on the community, one way is driving down different roads.. Sorry if being a concerned board member causes you paranoia. I hope the next board decides to tour their community from time to time as well.
Now that you know why Einwood is on my route, let's see if you post "the truth" on your blog.

Ok, sounds to me like someone is trying to make excuses again. I don't know about you, but I'll be damn if I'm going to spend my lunch time (away from my job) to ride around the neighborhood. And besides, if it were just a 'drive-by', why the curiosity about what was going on at Linda's house? This from someone who is NOT a social friend showing concern for Linda's well being.

May I suggest, JJ, that one of your 'drive-bys' is a stop at the community clubhouse to see the damage that is being done. If you did THAT on a daily basis, you would know from the electronic key entry who was there at that particular time and just maybe, do something about the damage.

As for the 'next' board member doing a drive by, believe me, it will not be to harass the residents, nor will it be just because a board member thinks they are that special they can do what they want when they want. I for one drive around the neighborhood to see if everything is ok, but it saddens me to drive around JJ's neighborhood and see the mess because Mark Taliento chose NOT to follow the original design of Broadmoor.

So, you want truths, JJ..that is all I print.

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