Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sneaky Board at it again

It's a given what lying cheats and sneaky people can get away with. Broadmoor Board has once again used their unscrupulous ways to disregard state statutes and gets away with it. Let's call Mark Taliento the ring leader of the low life group. He gets his attorney friend to play games and at the same time bill the very people who are trying to get this board recalled. Yeah, says a lot for this attorney. As soon as I get his name, trust me, I will post it. Also a letter to the bar association may be in order. Problem is, not too many people want to look deep at what is going on. Honestly, you don't have to look deep, just under the surface because these low life attorneys just cover themselves enough to pass for human being.

I will be adding to this post as soon as I have time to get more involved with the nonsense that has been going on these last few days.