Saturday, November 14, 2009

Same old Same old......

Yep, that's about it around here. I haven't written in a while since nothing exciting has been happening. Of course, the board is still up to their old tricks. Just the other day they had a meeting to discuss transferring money from the reserve to the main account. JJ had the nerve to say it was to pay the attorney for fees incurred because Linda Perry 'won' her lawsuit. Now, this is such a bold face lie and yet this 'Christian' says it with a straight face. The truth is, she stopped the lawsuit; no winners-no losers. What the board is doing is taking money from the homeowners, telling them lies knowing not everyone knows what is going on. Linda will set the record straight in the next newsletter, but this is just another example of how this board is taking money under false pretenses which to me is nothing more than fraud. All the while JJ is mouthing off his lies, Dick Stone (incompetent board member) is pointing his finger at Linda as if he were a total retard. Maybe he was drunk because those actions are certainly not those of a man who would know how to conduct himself at a board meeting.

I couldn't make it to this meeting, but Linda has it on tape. These idiots don't know how close they are to getting themselves into real trouble with the law.

Can you imagine these board members appointed themselves as the election committee??!! They think because they aren't running for the board, they can elect themselves. I don't trust anything they do so I'm certainly not going to trust them counting votes behind closed door without someone overseeing what they are doing. Though Judy White is no longer with LeLand Management, there is still the issue of Richard Murphy, from LeLand Management being involved. Another waste of a CAM.
I wouldn’t put it pass him to turn a blind eye like Judy at the last election.

As soon as I get more info, I will post it.

Most of you have heard the phrase about someone having their head up someone's ass and for whatever reason that quote came to mind with JJ and Mark. I kept thinking though, it needed a good finish. Then it hit me...

"JJ has his head so far up Mark's ass that when Mark looks in the mirror he sees JJ's face''...So, there you have it


Anonymous said...

In the neighborhood and wanted to see if there was anything was new. I can see your board is still up to no good. Continue your fight for the right cause, I'm for you from the land of the north. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard about the threatening letter you received from Paul DeHart. What kind of a fuc--ng a--hole is this guy????? Who in the hell is directing this person??? Has he, as an attorney, ever heard of "FREEDOM OF SPEACH" OR "civil rights?" Have you given it any thought to contact Tony Pippitone and let him know what is going on in your community? This is something that needs to be on TV. You also need to remind that a--hole about SLAPP SUITS, under SS720. I really feel sorry for you guys to have to deal with sort of crap from an attorney and a bunch of idiots on your board! Good luck!!!!!