Sunday, April 11, 2010

Broadmoor Update

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog and thought it was now time to do a little catching up.

I was so disgusted with the incompetency of Karen Wonsetler, the attorney handling the recall for us and Shirley Whitsitt, Arbitrator who should not be getting paid for work she knows nothing about.

Karen Wonsetler came on strong in the beginning of the recall giving one the impression she would follow though and do all she can to make sure everything was understood and explained so that Shirley Whitsitt can make an educated and intelligent decision.

Sadly, Ms. Wonsetler dropped the ball on more than one occasion and though she can not be blamed entirely on the negative decision, she still had an influence. Ms. Whitsitt failed to listen what was being said except for what Mr. DeHart told her. Remember, DeHart is the same guy who is the association attorney, but worked to fight the recall even though the majority of members in the community wanted this board out. He lied (no, this is not slander) by manipulating facts and Ms. Whitsitt failed at her job to verify information. Aside from all the playing DeHart did, Ms. Whitsitt failed to acknowledge state statues that would have changed the outcome of her decision had she known or chose to follow those state guidelines.

So, we lost the recall…but the best was yet to come.

In January we had our board election. JJ Carpenter mailed out letters using our funds to give his personal take on life in Broadmoor and announced he would not be running to be on the board. This letter was received just days before the election so it was a total surprise (kinda) that at the meeting before the election he nominated himself to be run once again.

To make a long story short, Mark Taliento used his 101 votes to get on the board along with those he wanted sitting next to him. No one who was elected by the community got on the board except one and he was chosen by Mark. This person did not have the highest number of votes by the community, but Mark thought it in his favor to pick this one person.

So, we lost the election….but the best was yet to come.

Thursday, April 8, 2010 was our Board/HOA meeting. Everything was going well until the last half hour or so. Our President (Buck) stood up and asked the members to agree in returning money (somewhere around $1900.00) to Mark Taliento because he paid for assessments on a home that he wanted to purchase that was in foreclosure and was assured by his attorney that was all he had to do. Now Buck is having a hard time making sense of the situation, but the bottom line was ‘attorneys’ gave Mark bad info and the bank refused to give him the home. Then, Mark tried to explain that his attorney told him one thing and our attorney (DeHart, who I suspect Mark hired in the first place for Broadmoor) was not being cooperative. Because of the failure on the attorneys and giving him ‘wrong’ information the bank turned him down. Now, this guy is smart. No one as conniving as him or as devious as him can be that stupid. After a few minutes of ‘questions’ and certainly comments by me as to why would we be responsible for ‘your’ bad business dealings, some came to the conclusion that the alleged check he gave Leland Management last year was in escrow and he should get it back. One member questioned why this check never showed up in the financials when the manager said he would look into it. However, the board was quick in dismissing any feedback from the manager and proceeded in agreeing to give Mark this money. Well, you could have knocked me over, but then again, it only explains why our community is in the red. Not once did our president ask for proof of this alleged check and I don’t mean some copy of a check that Mark likes to produce and claim it as legit. Our board owes us a fiduciary responsibility to make sure this is a legit request especially coming from someone who cost our community to lose about $30,000.00.

So, we are out more money…but it gets better

After Marks gets the ok to get ‘his’ money, he stood up and made an announcement. Picture this…Crocodile tears as one hangs his head declaring his stepping down from the board and….(I told you it was going to get better) those 101 lots are not his anymore, but the bank. He lost everything, he is a broken man. Now, I’m not happy that he is a broken man, but let’s break this down and you will see why I’m satisfied he got what he deserved.

Mark owed millions to the bank(s) and they foreclosed on all his holdings as Showcase Mobile Home Sales. The land where he sold from and everything on it is gone. The lots he owned in Broadmoor are gone.

Foreclosures take more than a couple of months and some of us knew last year he was in big financial trouble, yet he fought the recall because he wanted to retain the voting rights for 101 lots. What does that say about Mark Taliento?

Assume for one minute Mark didn’t know what was happening (duh) last year, he should have known in January at the time of the election. Once again, he voted (without paying the correct association dues) and managed to control the board. So instead of letting the people vote in whom they wanted, he played the community…just because.

I do commend him for his outstanding performance as a beaten man and I find it so ‘Mark’ to first make sure he got some money from the community saying the bank turned him down because of the misinformation from the attorneys, when in fact, they turned him down because he was to broke to give credit to!!..Sadly, some people just don’t see it and that is what he was counting on.

Back in February I sent Mark an email telling him his day was going to come. Oh, not by me, but since he made a deal with the devil I knew it was just a matter of time. Well, after Thursday’s meeting I once again wrote to Mark and explained how the devil called in his marker.
Hopefully, with the devil seed out of Broadmoor, we as a community can finally head in the right direction.

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