Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Pathetic

What can you say about an HOA President who takes time to leave his job so he can ride past a community member's house? That's just what happened yesterday. JJ Carpenter must have skipped out of work from Home Depot (maybe it was his lunch time), to ride past Linda Perry's house to see if he can tell why there were so many cars parked there. As we all sat around her dining room table, we could see JJ ride by in his van and we certainly had a good laugh. Then, he must have made a U-turn, because there he was again riding right by trying to figure out what was going on. I wonder who called him to give him the heads up that there was a 'gathering' at Linda's house? We knew he would try to find out what the gathering was all about, but personally, I find it totally unacceptable that one can not have a gathering at her own home without someone (like JJ) spying and invading one's privacy. As we suspected, he had seen one of the husbands (whose wife was at Linda's house) walking through Home Depot and approached him wanting to know what was going on!...Do you believe the nerve of that guy? No scruples, no decency, so unChristian (yeah, remember he has his 'ministry'. The answer the husband gave as instructed, was 'it was a birthday party'. So, JJ if you are reading this, whenever you see a 'gathering' it will be a 'birthday party'. When you get the knock on the door from channel 6, you can tell them all you know is that there was a 'birthday party'.

How worried must someone be to get so invasive into one's privacy? At what point does JJ realize what he is doing is borderline harassment and stalking and may be cause for serious concern? His behavior certainly raises eyebrows and maybe this should be brought to the attention of the Sheriff's office. We are suppose to report to the Sheriff's office if we are concerned with people driving around the neighborhood acting like they are up to no good. Well, that fits what JJ did so I guess the Sheriff should be called.

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Anonymous said...

You write, "How worried must someone be to get so invasive into one's privacy?" in one breath and then another mention where the man works? Seems rather hypocritical.