Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a twerp

Definition according to Answers.Com: twerp-A person regarded as insignificant and contemptible

That seems to fit our Mr. JJ Carpenter to a tee. Now, you are wondering what brought on this latest word recognition; please read the following.

I have permission from Linda Perry to print an email she sent to JJ and the response she received. After you read these emails, I will then share my commentary.

JJ Carpenter, Dick Stone & Mark Taliento:
It is of great concern to us that we are unable to get the much needed kitchen supplies that we have asked for over the last few months. Two calls were made by me, Linda Perry, to JJ Carpenter (Friday 10/2 & Monday 10/5) telling him what was needed in the kitchen. No response came from him. A phone call was made to Dick Stone on Monday afternoon asking for the same items. Dick complied. But what he brought to the kitchen, in my opinion, was totally unacceptable being insufficient and unsanitary! It appears that the materials came from an unknown source/event and not in sanitary packaging, (a bag of plastic forks in a used plastic bag (unsanitary), plastic desert plates (about 40, with a TYSON logo on the bottom of the plates) insufficient amount. There are a number of us perfectly willing to shop for supplies (dish detergent, paper towels, desert plates, cups, coffee, creamer, condiments, etc) which would take the burden off those of you board members who work and don't have the time to do these things. Receipts would be provided for reimbursement for the person or persons doing the shopping. In the past, there was never a problem with the supplies in our kitchen, why is there a problem now??? If thousands of dollars can be spent on other items for the clubhouse, why not these items which are important items? I hope to get some sort of response from one or all of you.

Linda Perry
Member in Good Standing
Poinciana Village Nine Association, Inc.

This message would have been provided to all board members if their Email address had been available to us homeowners.

JJ's response
Yes you called me Friday, then Monday. That was only a weekend. I contacted Dick Monday and he took the needed supplies. Sorry if they don't meet your standards, but does anything we do meet your standards? You look for bad in everything we do, so frankly, coming from you I only expect the worst.
This board represents and looks out for the 279 people that pay the bills around here. We only get complaints from about 6 of them. I'd say we are doing a pretty good job despite the lies and constant duress "some people" try to keep us under.

I heard there was a time when the kitchen was supplied totally on donations from residents. The residents that used the supplies gladly helped supply them. Perhaps what was old should be new again :)

Dick and Vickie did a great job for years keeping the clubhouse stocked and efficient. I'll pass your requests on to them and I'm confident things will be acceptable, but likely insufficient in your eyes.

p.s. Please do not purchase anything unless you plan to donate it.


phone: 407-301-0925

Such arrogance and from a president of the HOA. Monday night is bingo night at the clubhouse. This is open to all residents in the community and something that should be in the budget for activities. How pathetic is it when you have to beg for supplies to keep a community function running? I saw the bag of forks and I would not use a single one since I don’t know where they have been. Linda has every right to question the cleanliness of these since as far as we know, they could have been lying in filth in Dick Stone’s house. As for the 4 inch paper plates, I’m not sure where they were stolen from since obviously they were used by Tyson as a promotion for their product; maybe, a local taste test at some flea market stand. The question is who knows. When asking for supplies, one would only assume it would be new, clean and unused.

JJ’s attitude in his response only proves what an idiot he is. I wonder what his Christian congregation would think if they saw the REAL JJ in action. As far as him not getting complaints it's because not too many people want to bother with him. You don’t get over 100 signatures to out him as President from people that don’t care who is sitting in his position. Wake up JJ, people just don’t like you and your response to Linda is proof why.

Poor JJ can’t stay focused with his own ignorant thoughts. First he mentions about the supplies being donated (I’ve lived in Broadmoor 19 years and don’t remember that ever happening), but then he goes on to say what a great job Dick and Vickie did keeping the kitchen stocked and efficient. Now, if that were the case, why then when members are asking for supplies it is now being done in such a manner that one can only consider it less than acceptable? Could it be that the board (Dick is on the board) is purposely not giving Linda what she is requesting? Are they playing a game with her thinking she will get discouraged and back away? JJ, who is the one with lies and duress ‘keeping us under’?

Contrary to what JJ believes in that pea brain of his, Linda is not looking for fault, the board is just giving her less than expected. How they have been treating Linda is the same for any community member who questions, disagrees or has concerns with the board members.

JJ lives in a fantasy world. A world where he and the board members actually believe they care for the members of the community.

Hide your head in shame, JJ. You are not smart enough or intelligent enough to hold the position of President. Be a real man just once and accept the fact you are a loser. And next time you ask your God for guidance, listen to him and not the voices in your head. Those voices are getting you in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Nice comment to the Twerp, plastic utensils in a unmarked bag and company plates, what function were those taken from and peddled off to you. This guy sounds like a real winner, NOT. If I ever move to Florida, I'll make sure it's not in your development.

Anonymous said...

Just had to pay a return visit to your site to see if anything else is developing. This is better than watching a soap opera on TV. I thought to myself last night how could your association management supply you with utensils that are not manufacturer's sealed and new. With all the problems you people are having isn't there a government agency to report this to. In New York your Board would be before a hearing alread for what I read on this blog. Good Luck and keep hammering. I'll check back, this is great

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rosemary for the comments! Everyone that has read the exchange of emails between Linda Perry and JJ Carpenter are absolutely amazed at the arrogance and ignorance of the "Twerp". I was made to understand that this "Twerp" is some kind of a "minister" this true? If he in fact is a minister, please post what church he ministers to so that I make sure I will never attend that church. It scares the hell out of mejust to think that he is preaching to unknown folks...(Jim Jones ring any bells) I shudder to think! Someone needs to set this "Twerp" straight about respecting people, which he obviously shows no respect what-so-ever to Ms. Perry. Keep up the good work, Ms. Perry and please, don't let the "Twerp" bowl you over!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey are nothing but a shit you hear me?? You have f---ed up the Broadmoor Community enough! Why don't you move away from the Community and let Broadmoor get back to the way it used to be before you and Taliento gained control! I do believer you are the most hated man in the entire community! Rosemary is so right with her comment about you being a TWERP. I can think of a lot more tasteless names to call you, but since others read the comments, I'll keep it clean.

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