Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yes, my name is Rosemary Zuba and everything I type here is done by me. Those lying, cheating and cut throat attorneys can not stop me from saying what I want on my blog. I wonder what they think when they look in the mirror. Are they happy with the way they have manipulated the system? Do they get off thinking they 'won one over' on somebody? Do they lie with a straight face to their son or daughter on the principals of being fair and honest? More will follow on my blog, but all I can say for now's not over yet...

It was recently brought to my attention that our president, JJ Carpenter, doesn't even know the name of our homeowner association. Guess I should have noticed it on his la la land web page, but I didn't. He refers to us as Broadmoor Homeowner Association. We are registered with the state as Poinciana Village Nine, Association. Inc. Yep, it's that pathetic....

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a joke....

How pathetically sad when a president of a community doesn't even know what kind of community it is that he is living in. Village 9 is unlike any of the other Villages in Poinciana. Though Avatar was the developer, he choose to make Broadmoor a manufactured home, deed redistricted, 'real property' community. Apparently, according to our ignorant President JJ Carpenter, he expresses that we were developed as a **TRAILER park. Yep, that is how he referred to us in his minutes of Feburary 5, 2009. Mobile Home Parks (trailer parks) are areas that are land owned by one interested party and the house is owned by the owner. Now, you wonder why JJ would want to confuse our documents until you realize that he, and the board members, are allowing Tree Top Homes from doing exactly what Avatar did not want and that is making Broadmoor a trailer park. So, once again you question 'what's in it for Mark Taliento (who is on our board of directors, VP no less) and his business, Showcase Homes...which just happens to be 'manufactured homes'.

JJ Carpenter has his Broadmoor online site full of untruths and fairy tale la la land writing. I have an online site with truth and accurate information that I can prove.

It's just a matter of time before his (along with the board) house of manipulation of Broadmoor documents come tumbling down.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Broadmoor Post

Here it is, my very first Broadmoor post. Where do I begin..

At the present time, there is a petition being circulated by Linda Perry for a board recall. That means we want our present board members out of office. They have failed in their responsibility and have done an injustice to those living in this community. Cheating and lying are on the top of their list of habits. Hiring an incompetent manager, Judy White with Leland Management, would only make one question as to why. Could it be a business relationship between Judy and Mark Taliento? Mark owns plated lots in Broadmoor and has cheated his way to be on the board with the help of Judy White. She has refused paying members their right to vote, yet allowed Mark to vote 101 (one vote for each of his lots) giving him control of Broadmoor. Something State Statue 720 said is not allowed. Yep, not only cheating his way in, but disregarding what has been set by state legislators.

I hope you follow this 'soap' opera of a situation. Just like a good story line, it will surely take on twists and turns.