Monday, August 17, 2009

Thought For The Day

"he who doth defend himself, accuses himself"

think about it....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Email from JJ Carpenter

FYI, you may want to contact residents on McDaniel and Downing as well about my "drive bys"
I usually take different roads on different days on my way to and from work (and at lunch breaks). As a board member I actually try and keep an eye on the community, one way is driving down different roads.. Sorry if being a concerned board member causes you paranoia. I hope the next board decides to tour their community from time to time as well.
Now that you know why Einwood is on my route, let's see if you post "the truth" on your blog.

Ok, sounds to me like someone is trying to make excuses again. I don't know about you, but I'll be damn if I'm going to spend my lunch time (away from my job) to ride around the neighborhood. And besides, if it were just a 'drive-by', why the curiosity about what was going on at Linda's house? This from someone who is NOT a social friend showing concern for Linda's well being.

May I suggest, JJ, that one of your 'drive-bys' is a stop at the community clubhouse to see the damage that is being done. If you did THAT on a daily basis, you would know from the electronic key entry who was there at that particular time and just maybe, do something about the damage.

As for the 'next' board member doing a drive by, believe me, it will not be to harass the residents, nor will it be just because a board member thinks they are that special they can do what they want when they want. I for one drive around the neighborhood to see if everything is ok, but it saddens me to drive around JJ's neighborhood and see the mess because Mark Taliento chose NOT to follow the original design of Broadmoor.

So, you want truths, JJ..that is all I print.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Pathetic

What can you say about an HOA President who takes time to leave his job so he can ride past a community member's house? That's just what happened yesterday. JJ Carpenter must have skipped out of work from Home Depot (maybe it was his lunch time), to ride past Linda Perry's house to see if he can tell why there were so many cars parked there. As we all sat around her dining room table, we could see JJ ride by in his van and we certainly had a good laugh. Then, he must have made a U-turn, because there he was again riding right by trying to figure out what was going on. I wonder who called him to give him the heads up that there was a 'gathering' at Linda's house? We knew he would try to find out what the gathering was all about, but personally, I find it totally unacceptable that one can not have a gathering at her own home without someone (like JJ) spying and invading one's privacy. As we suspected, he had seen one of the husbands (whose wife was at Linda's house) walking through Home Depot and approached him wanting to know what was going on!...Do you believe the nerve of that guy? No scruples, no decency, so unChristian (yeah, remember he has his 'ministry'. The answer the husband gave as instructed, was 'it was a birthday party'. So, JJ if you are reading this, whenever you see a 'gathering' it will be a 'birthday party'. When you get the knock on the door from channel 6, you can tell them all you know is that there was a 'birthday party'.

How worried must someone be to get so invasive into one's privacy? At what point does JJ realize what he is doing is borderline harassment and stalking and may be cause for serious concern? His behavior certainly raises eyebrows and maybe this should be brought to the attention of the Sheriff's office. We are suppose to report to the Sheriff's office if we are concerned with people driving around the neighborhood acting like they are up to no good. Well, that fits what JJ did so I guess the Sheriff should be called.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

February Minutes-Keys

JJ Carpenter has decided to take it upon himself to confuse everyone with the February minutes by saying 'well, it's not clear, but we meant only one key'. Sorry JJ, but it must really suck when you are proven wrong and all the lying and double talking will not get you out of it.

What I have posted is a screen shot from my computer after visiting JJ's 'official' Broadmoor site. If you look at the address bar, you will see his address along with the date. He can not talk his way out of this one by saying someone deliberately changed the minutes. Here is your proof that President JJ was once again caught up in his own confusion of the facts.

Please note that in reference to keys it states that Mark Taliento made a motion to limit the key cards to 2 per household any replacement would cost $25.00. Dick Stone second and all agreed.

So what is it the JJ doesn't understand? Why did he collect $25.00 from one resident for a 2nd key? Why is there no answer when asked where did the collected money go?

How can anyone who is that ignorant and hostile be president of an HOA? For someone who says he cares for our community, he sure isn't working for the members who live here.

I hardly think saying 'sue me' when asked about the 2nd key is appropriate or mature. Sadly, we have a confused child, in a man's body, who can not conduct himself to the standards that one expects from an HOA President.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HOA meeting August 4, 2009

An HOA meeting was posted by Linda Perry for Tuesday night at 7:00. The last meeting was held in 2008 and she thought it was time to get together as a community and see what the members had to say; something our current board frowns upon. Signs were posted in several locations around the community so our members would know of this meeting, but JJ Carpenter took it upon himself to remove those signs. His excuse was 'they were on county property and the attorney told me I can remove them'. Now, I have a hard time believing the attorney would tell him to remove the signs, but to further prove how he lied, he also said the association attorney called our attorney who is assisting us with the recall. Well, he never did, but JJ Capenter thought it would sound intimidating enough to throw it out there.

So, here we are at the meeting and things were going pretty good until one old man started yelling and pointing fingers how Linda Perry is a troublemaker because of the newsletters that are sent out each month. Actually, there are facts in the newsletters and those facts can be confirmed. That is something that was stressed in the newsletters. Reference is made to fl ss 720 when info is given with a direct link to the chapter being discussed.

I must say, we apparently hit a chord with one lady member when she made reference to 'why aren't you sharing this with JJ'. Well, I tried to explain to her that we have. All he had to do was read the newsletter, which I'm sure he as been doing. JJ made a comment about reading my blog and even my blog gives information that is referenced to ss 720. So, according to JJ, he wants me to send him my copies of state documents so he could give them to the attorney for review. Is he serious? The attorney should know of the state documents and though JJ kept saying I won't 'share' my info with him, well, once again he was caught in a lie. Just reading my blog should have given him the heads up, not to mention those emails I sent him making reference to 720. When I explained to him about going online and doing a search, his excuse was 'I work and I have my ministry'. Ok, so then why are you on the board if you can not make the commitment? He commented how this was a volunteer position. So does that mean you don't need to make a commitment? For someone who doesn't have time to know what he is doing, he sure has time to ride around and take down signs like a child being mean..just because.

The association attorney is Paul DeHart. It just amazes me how an association attorney who should be representing the majority is representing 5 board members. Once again, that only brings question as to why.